The following quotation appears in the literary section of Concordia Publishing House’s American Calendar for German Lutherans, 1920, pp. 35-36, edited by Pastor H. Weseloh.

Today’s Women’s Work and the Future of Humanity.

Speaking on this topic Mrs. Martin told the National League of Women: “The future shall lie in the womb of women. As long as women are in business, in the factory, and at the voting booth, the womb is empty and the future is in danger. Women’s suffrage is only an appendage to women’s commercial activity and means the downfall of the race. Because it is precisely the strongest and most powerful women who go out to earn money instead of having and bringing up children, future generations decline. Every independent woman who accepts a high salary as a substitute for a passel of children is a murderer of posterity. The strong, physically and mentally healthy children that could be born are sacrificed for Parisian clothes and automobiles. The cradle is emptied to fill expensive restaurants, the home abandoned so that girls’ rooms are overcrowded with lavish furnishings. A high salary for men means early marriage. High wages for women means postponed marriage, feminist politics, empty homes and race suicide.”–God keep us Christians, old and young, open-eyed to these serious truths that are bright as the sun’s light! The world that loves darkness cannot be helped; it does not even respect the natural order of creation on which everything rests.

Henry Weseloh

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