The following appeared in Lehre und Wehre V. 24 (1878) p. 308:

The Influence of Judaism. In the General Evangelical-Lutheran Church Paper of May 31st we read: “Repeatedly we have received statements from the “strangers in our home” that the decline of Christianity points to the fulfillment of their hope to raise Judaism to the status of world religion, and if not Judaism with its national statutes and customs, then at least the modern Jewish worldview. Already years ago a chief rabbi said: “They make an effort, these limited and short-sighted Christians, to snatch a soul from us here and there, and rejoice royally when they have done it! But they do not notice that we are also doing missionary work better, more skillfully and more successfully than they, that we are gaining territory after territory on their own soil. Only a short time yet, and everything that is truly sophisticated among the Christians will no longer need Christ, and will be able to cope just as well without Christ as we do. The time is approaching when the great majority of Christians will have returned to our faith in God, our monotheism. The future belongs to us. We are converting en masse and unnoticed.” From a simple Jewish teacher, who was Chasan (Kantor in the synagogue), we heard the same thing expressed. Therefore, now give the Jews only the combined, non-confessional elementary school, or whatever one wants to call the thing, and they will seize this lever for the fulfillment of the hope of modern Israel, and we will no longer be surprised if, as it really happened, the local school council of a Bohemian municipality does not entrust the Catholic or Evangelical pastor, but the rabbi, with the composition of the so-called school prayers, or when a Jew, as a teacher of a combined school, writes “a prayer suitable for all confessions” and forbids to pronounce the name of Christ.

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