The following appears in Der Lutheraner V. 68 (1912) No. 28 (November 12th) p. 365

“Fewer and better children” is a catchphrase used by child-poor, child-killing people. In contrast, a Professor Hoffmann said in London on the occasion of the meeting of the “International Congress on Eugenics”: “Look at the magnificent collection of people whose memory is cherished in Westminster Abbey, and see whether many of them were not the second, indeed whether quite a number of them were not the seventh, eighth, ninth or even the tenth child in the family concerned. In the case of one outstanding Russian, it can even be said that he is the seventeenth. It is easy to say that the native-born Americans are more after goodness than quantity; but any one who lives in America will testify that the increasing generation of foreign-born is the greatest danger to our American institutions. Every comparison that is made is unfavorable to the native-born woman, who represents a class of people who have not only the right, but the duty, to reproduce and form the ruling class.” Not only do intentionally childless women not do their duty to humanity, but the matter is much simpler and even more serious. God’s fifth commandment forbids killing, and whether one kills born or unborn children is all the same: Destroying or preventing life is killing. God, who instituted marriage, did not say: But see to it that you are not fruitful and multiply, but said the opposite. For some, laughing at families with many children is a sign of an evil conscience; at least they should have one, since they are childless and childless by means that they do not want to be seen in the light. But they are not hidden from God, and he will bring to light what is hidden in darkness. E(dward). P(ardieck).

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