a zoomer fan-fic submission

One fine morning (this morning, in fact), Treblewoe was feeling charitable toward the One-Year Lectionary bros and decided to read their appointed readings. This made Great Grampa Charlemagne very happy. “I didn’t invent Christian Nationalism so that my descendants would end up using a gay Jesuit Bible study!” he said, enjoying heavenly bliss. Clint Poppe, recently retired, agreed.

“ ^^^ ,” Woe observed, perhaps not realizing that some of the One-Year bros did not even read this pericope, because back in the early aughts the LSB committee downgraded the historic epistle for Trinity X to the B-list in order to subvert the Sunday theme and simp for the Jews.

Thankfully, not everyone fell for this.

The moral of the story?

It sure does pay to have a few watchmen on the wall. Of Toledo. Looking inward. Well, it would have paid.

But it pays to have some watchmen on the wall of the Lutheran Church today, now, looking inward, keeping an eye out for the family, keeping an eye on the machinations of a petty, venal corporation that has little interest in the people — the real flesh-and-blood people, who are mostly of European racial makeup to the tune of about 96%, like it or not — who actually confess the Christian faith as members of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church* on this continent. And little interest in the Word of God.

So thanks to Woe and others who are doing that.

*Not the LCMS Corp. rival, ELCA Corp., but the True Visible Church on Earth.

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