Old Lutherans is indebted (indirectly, but truly nonetheless) to Antonius Angelus for compiling this excellent sequenced list. God grant him long life.

Defense of Monarchy

Patriarcha, or the Natural Power of Kings (the grandaddy of them all)

“Why Monarchies Are Still Relevant and Useful in the 21st Century”

“The Meaning and Function of Monarchy”

“The Logic of Hereditary Rule: Theory and Evidence”

“Divine-right monarchy for the modern secular intellectual”

Critique of American Revolution

Origin and Progress of the American Rebellion

Strictures Upon the Declaration of Independence

“Bad History: Rethinking Whiggish American Orthodoxy”

“Suppressing Tories”

Britannus Americanus: A letter from a Jacobite”

Critique of Democracy/Classical Liberalism

Popular Government: Four Essays

“Reflections on the Political Right and Left”

“The Renaissance Myth”

“Why You Can’t Have Both Autonomy and Security”

“Rene Guenon on the End”

“Slavery, Humanism, & The Bible”

“The Theory of Inherent Inalienable Human rights in the light of God’s Word”

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