The following was reported in Lehre und Wehre V. 26 (1880)  p. 122

Searching for the Lost Ten Tribes. The “Pilger [Pilgrim]” of February 21st reports: “‘The Heir of the World’ is the name of a new magazine from Brooklyn which is trying to prove that the Anglo-Saxon race (English and Yankees) are the lost ten tribes of Israel. In England, on the other hand, the idea has arisen that the Afghans are the descendants of the ten tribes because of their Jewish noses.”

In the same volume (p. 128) it is reported that the Mormons were claiming that the North American Indians were the descendants of the ten tribes.

Walther reported in Lehre und Wehre V. 21 (1875) p. 128

The Lost Ten Tribes. The many scientific associations in England have been joined by a new one: the “Anglo-Israel Association.” It includes many preachers, professors, doctors and officers, but as yet not a single rabbi. Its purpose is “to promote and further disseminate the ‘truthful’ assertion that the Anglo-Saxon race is descended from the lost tribes of Israel, besides supporting research in the field of the general history of Israel and Judah.” – This much, at any rate, is true: that the Jewish haggling spirit distinguishes the Anglo-Saxon human species above others; and if this perception has led to the hoax of the aforesaid Association, a certain degree of self-knowledge cannot be denied to the members of it. W[alther].

And still more on this topic appears in Lehre und Wehre V. 23 (1877) p. 128

“The People of God.” Under this heading, Dr. Münkel writes in his Neues Zeitblatt [New Newspaper] from Feb. 22: Victor Boreau has published a “History of France” which has been introduced in many schools in France and Belgium and is strongly favored by the Catholic clergy. It says: “In the ancient world there was a people whom God had chosen from the multitude of peoples in order that they might preserve intact the original tradition and the laws of morality given by man. It can be said that in the renewed world France is the new chosen people. In its bosom it carries all that is necessary to enlighten or to crush the empires.” France is the firstborn son of the Roman Church, its focal point and its strongest fortress. Why should the Catholic French not consider themselves the chosen people of God? The same claim is made by other peoples… Now in England a “Society for English Israel” has been formed, not to convert the English Jews, but to prove that the English of the tribe of the Anglo-Saxons are the immigrated ten tribes. Once the proof is given, it is also certain that the English are not only spiritually but also physically and in truth the people of God, and that explains why the English cling so faithfully and devoutly to the Bible. All Anglo-Saxons who consider themselves to be descendants of Israel are asked to enter their names in the Israelite genealogy. According to the “Grenzboten” the committee of the society consists of 50 members, among them generals, colonels, captains, professors, 5 doctors of medicine, 12 clergymen, etc., all respectable persons. But for us Germans something falls short. The Anglo-Saxons are Germans who immigrated from Germany. If the English belong to the ten tribes of Israel, so do the Germans. Certainly the Germans are not Assyrians. Nevertheless, the English have an advantage; they are descendants of Ephraim and therefore have the right of the first-born and the most favored tribe. One of the members of the society was grieved that the German Empire had introduced decimal division; this was the image of the beast (Revelation 14:9-11). However, Germany was defended against such biblical interpretation.

Die Grenzboten

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