In 1897 Alfred Ira (one of a few pseudonyms used by Pastor Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Grimm, 1864-1922) published through CPH the first volume of a memoir of a pastor’s wife: Gotthold. Eine Erzählung aus dem Seelsorgerleben, The second volume of the memoir was published by Antigo Publishing in 1899.

The third chapter of the first volume of this work (p. 25) begins with the following passage:

For women, speaking in the public congregation is forbidden, but that is by no means to say that they may not take interest in congregational matters. On the contrary, it is allowed to them, for immediately after the prohibition the Apostle says, “But if they would learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home.” I have occasionally made use of this privilege and inquired of my [husband] Gotthold after the assembly. Occasionally, however, he does not answer, which one must also be willing to accept.

Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Grimm

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